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AIMS FAQS for Lecturers

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1. AIMS Staff Portal:
Note: AIMS is self service. Whenever you forget your password, use the forgot password link to rest your login password.

2. AIMS Account Access.
For lecturers to have an AIMS account, we have a special form from DICTS that users fill. The completed form is signed and stamped by your immediate supervisor i.e. Lecturer give forms to HODs who gives consent by stating your roles, signs and stamps the form with the Departments stamp.

This is for accountability purposes. The form is then delivered to DICTS to create the users profile. A message is sent to your phone contact that you provided and email. Please write clearly so that we dont get your phone contacts and emails wrong.

Note: Email address required is strictly your institutional email i.e. @yourunit/

Attached in this response is the account request form and the procedure we followed to introduce AIMS to lecturers.

3. Failure to View Results
This is common in viewing sem 1 results that we are uploading using the bulk option that was added to enable us clear the backlog. Going form i.e Sem 2+ results will only be uploaded using the Assessment Method in which HODs assign lecturers their respective course units. Lecturers upload results through the Results Submission Module.

As we check what could have happened. Please take note of the following for successfull upload and viewing of uploaded results especially Sem 1.

i. AIMS takes about 15mins to display results uploaded using the bulk upload option. This method is only for Sem 1 results.

ii. The format for Course Unit Codes on the System is code without space as a separator between the string and number. I.e. CSC1100 and not CSC 1100. Before upload of Sem 1 results, reformat your codes to this standard.

Where a user uploaded results for sem1 with a space in course codes, the system is unable to return the results. A user is therefore required to edit the code on the curriculum to have the same format as that on the excel sheet that was fed into the system or forward the complaint to the AIMS team (AR-ICT or DICTS) to have the results reformated to the right code.

iii. Take note of the successfull versus the failed uploads when uploading sem 1 results on the system. Before closing the pop up, download the failed upload report and read the errors returned by the sytem to enable the registrars and or techinical team to track the problem.
For errors such as Student not known in SIC (Student Information Center), this could be due to a wrong id. Try the alternative option i.e. if user used student number, retry the upload with regNo else, confirm if the first ID used was correctly written.

For any inquiries, contact the support team to give a hand whenever you are stuck.