List of Postgraduate Diploma Programmes

  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Meteorology
  2. Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Impact Assessment
  3. Diploma in Environment and Natural Resources

List of Graduate Programmes

  1. Master of Science in Environment and Natural Resources
  2. Master of Science in Forestry
  3. Master of Science in Agro Forestry
  4. Master of Arts in Geography

List of PhD Programmes

  1. PhD in Environment and Natural Resources
  2. PhD in Forestry

For more details on posr-graduate courses, visit the Makerere University School of Graduate studies


1. Bachelor of Conservation Forestry & Products Technology BCFP
2. Bachelor of Science Environmental Science BEVS/BAS
3. Bachelor of Social & Entrepreneurial Forestry BSEF
4. Bachelor of Tourism BYOU
5. Bachelor of Science in Meteorology BMTE
6. Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning BURD
7. Bachelor Geography as a subject*