The department has the mandate to develop human resources, generate knowledge in the fields of Forestry, Biodiversity and Tourism.


Advance knowledge in the use, management and conservation of forests, tourism and other allied resources through training, research and technology transfer for accelerated development.


Develop human resources, and generate knowledge in the fields of Forestry, Biodiversity and Tourism.

Departmental Goals

  • To build human capacity for improved biodiversity conservation and tourism sector
  • To enhance research in the fields of Forestry, Biodiversity and Tourism.
  • To be the centre of excellence in the synthesis, packaging and dissemination of knowledge and skills in promote, sustainable utilization of natural and cultural resources.

Geography is a cross cutting discipline combining many aspects of science and arts. Thus, the

Department has a broad spectrum of students making it the largest department in Makerere University with more than 2,000 graduate and undergraduate students.

The Department boasts of four Undergraduate Degree Programmes: Bachelor of Tourism Management-BTM; Bachelor of Arts in Environment Management-BA ENV; Bachelor of Urban Planning-BURP and Bachelor of Arts in Arts-BAA with Geography as the major subject. The Department also services Bachelor of Arts with Education and Bachelor of Science with Education with Geography as the major teaching subject.

The Department also has five graduate programmes: two Post Graduate Diplomas (PGD in Integrated Rural Development Planning and PGD in Meteorology); two Masters Programmes (Master of Arts in Geography and Master of Arts in Land Use and Regional development) and conducts PhD programmes in Geography and related disciplines.

The Department of Environmental Management is one of the 3 Departments in the School of Forestry, Environmental and Geographical Sciences, Makerere University. The Department offers courses that contribute to the School degree programs in research and training, leading to both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees Programmes

Our research and training activities are aimed at integrating biophysical and social sciences to promote development and application of knowledge and skills that enhance ethical and sustainable use and management of forest resources. High quality learning opportunities are offered to students in order to enable them think critically analyse and synthesize knowledge and to communicate effectively.

Further, given the current development of plantation forestry in the region, the school is launching (Academic year 2011/12) a degree option in Commercial Forestry as a major. It is the mandate of the Department of Forest Management in collaboration with key stakeholders such as the Sawlog Production Grant Scheme, Uganda Timber Growers Association and National Forest Authority to produced specialised cadre of graduates to promote forest plantations as a viable investment in Uganda’s forest sector for improved livelihoods, transformation of societies through economic growth and attainment of sustainable development. In so doing, the programme will promote national development through training; research and technology transfer in forest plantations hence contributing to the strategic plan of the Faculty of Forestry and Nature Conservation and that of Makerere University at large. Further, the programme is well suited in fulfilling MDGs 1 & 7.